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Soft Wash

What can soft washing do for you

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is the use of low pressure & high volume output of a cleaning solution to clean your roof, siding, fence, and more.

By using a low pressure, electrical pump, JAG Exterior Cleaning is able to safely apply the cleaning solution to exterior surfaces with organic growth attached to it. Though soft washing is new to the Pacific Northwest, it is not new to the East Coast where it as been the preferred method of cleaning by professionals for over 30 years. JAG Exterior Cleaning knows this is the safest and most effective cleaning method.

  • Soft washing is the recommended choice for roofing and siding manufactures
  • Soft washing uses lower pressure than a gas powered pressure washer
  • Uses 70% less water to clean compared to a pressure washer
  • Soft wash cleaning solution is biodegradable
  • Soft washing is more eco friendly

Many exterior surfaces have some form of organic growth and is not eye appealing. Most of these surfaces include moss on roofs and driveways, algae on vinyl siding or fences, or built of dirt and grime on hard surfaces around your property. Soft washing eliminates the chances of damaging the roof and siding of the structure, which will most likely void the products warranty. Even in Oregon, home inspectors and real estate appraisers are looking at the exterior condition of the building when factoring a decision on the quality of the building. There is no better way to safely clean your home or business than with a soft wash process.

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