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Deck & Patio Wash

Recent deck cleaning in Portland, Oregon

As spring arrives and rolls into summer, homeowners, business owners, and renters realize that their exterior surfaces need cleaning.

When property owners step outside and prepare for parties or a simple evening of firing up the BBQ, they don’t want to spend the extra time of cleaning their decks and patios because of how time consuming it is. Luckily, decks and patios are a bit of a specialty of ours. It can be very tedious work depending on when the last time the surface was cleaned, but in the end it will look amazing and ready for that summertime party!

With the housing market at an all time high, many homeowners are looking to increase the profit of selling their home. Part of the checklist for many realtors is to have the exterior of the property cleaned prior to listing postings. This homeowner in Portland, Oregon knew that having the deck cleaned was a must in order to brighten the appearance of the home and make it more appealing to a buyer.

Decks like this is a special cleaning process that often times percarbonate mixture and/or a sodium hypochlorite mixture. The percarbonate will assist with removing the dirt build up and the hypochlorite will kill all the organic growth.

Deck cleaned in preparation for market listing

Whether you are looking to have the exterior patio or deck cleaned in for that family event or getting ready to sell your home, JAG Exterior Cleaning is here to help you prepare for your special event or photos!


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