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Why do I need a house wash

The north side of the house was covered in algae growth and simply cleaned away with a soft wash system.

How can a house wash can help you

Most people don’t realize their greatest investment is in need of an annual house wash. Many home exteriors are COVERED in organic growth including algae, moss, and lichen.

Many owners see the green or black scum on their siding and think it can be simply rinsed off with a pressure washer. In reality, all you are doing is spraying that organic growth off to another area, which is not properly killing it and allowing it to grow somewhere else.

Some owners will fall back to pressure washing the sides of their homes just to get the dirt, grime, and algae cleaned off. Many “professionals” will suggest using a soft brush or even a pressure washer to clean off the surface of your siding, whether it is Hardie board, vinyl, stucco, or wood. Yes, this will help clean off the dirt, but you are likely going to run into issues later.

Here is a picture of a pressure washed house that has oxidation, or a white chalky film, on it. After the siding has been pressure washed or even brushed, the high pressure from a pressure washer or agitation from a brush will unevenly remove the oxidation and leave this displeasing appearance.

This is why soft washing is the favored method by manufactures to clean the exterior siding as it safely removes the dirt, algae, mildew and mold without causing this unfinished appearance.

We really don’t know what they were thinking here
Algae cleaning without the use of a brush

JAG Exterior Cleaning has the knowledge and solutions to properly clean your siding so it looks new. By cleaning the organic growth off the side of your home, it will be more appealing and create a healthy environment by safely removing the algae, moss, mold, and mildew.

If your home has the white chalky film on your siding, we can properly remedy this with the correct cleaning solution.

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