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Fence Washing

The proper cleaning technique will remove the algae from the fence within minutes!

What can we do for you?

Fences are our favorite, well actually all of what we do is our favorites, but washing fences and revitalizing the vinyl, stone, or wood fence is something we love to do.

Each process is a little different but in the end your fence will look better than when it was first installed. Let us help you with this work and you will not be displeased.

With the correct cleaning solution, we can bring back that color in the wood fence just in time for stain and seal. Wood fences are our favorite by far because bringing that life back into the fence is somewhat magical, to top it off, we don’t even use a pressure washer like most local pressure companies will do! JAG Exterior Cleaning will never use a pressure washer on a surface that will likely get damaged from high pressure.

Occasionally, the cleaning process for wood surfaces require dwell time and agitation. In the end, the color of the fence is renewed and ready for staining.

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